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Using Workflow Triggers

Whenever you make a code change, Razorops gets notified and starts the workflows based on YAML specification. Mostly workflows are triggered from Git based events like pushing branches, commits, creating pull requests, or creating tags. You can choose which Git events should trigger new workflows for your pipeline.

Pause pipeline

If you want to disable new workflows on any triggers, you can pause the pipeline by going to "Edit" section and check the box which says "Disable automatic repository triggers".

Filter by Branches, Tags

By default, Razorops will create a new workflow on every code change to the your repository. You can limit the branches or tags that you want to run by going "Edit" section of a pipeline. Multiple branch names should be separated by comma. You can provide regular expressions as well. Check screenshot below.

Pipeline settings

You can whitelist Git branches or tags using conditional expression inside Razorops YAML also:


  when: branch in ('master', 'develop')