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Using Docker Image Registry

Razorops needs access to the Image Registry to push or pull a built Docker image. You can configure credentials for Docker registries in our dashboard (in Integration section).


In docker/build step, you specify the Image Registry url as provided by the Registry Providers. When pipeline is triggered, the docker credentials are automatically injected in the runner environment and can be used by Docker commands.

Add Docker credentials

Login to Razorops and go to Integration tab. You can link Dockerhub,, GCR, AWS Elastic Registry or any hosted registry.

Integration section

Click on Connect button under Docker/ tab. This step is required only for private registries.

Connect with Docker hub

For Dockerhub, you should provide Docker ID and Docker password which you use to sign-in docker hub. These secrets are kept securly in our infrastructure and get injected when configured pipeline executes.

Username: Docker ID
Password: Docker password

Connect with

To authenticate, you need to create a robot account on with the require permissions for your Quay repository. Please see the documentation Quay Robot Account to create the robot account.

Below is the example of setting up authentication for

Username: Robot Account Name ## replace 
Password: password ThePasswordGeneratedInTheAdminPanelOfQuay ## replace 

Robot Account Name is ' username that you have set' + 'name provided to create the robot account'. Password is encrypted password generated in the dashboard of Quay.

Connect with Google Container Registry

To connect GCR, you need to first generate a service account with appropriate permissions from Google console. Afterward, click on Google Container Registry, fill the form and save.

Service Account Key: Your Service Account key

Connect with Self-Hosted Registry

For self hosted registry, url, username and password is defined by your system.

url:  ## canister is cloud based registry provider
Username: Admin username of Registry ## replace 
Password: Password associated with above admin user ## replace

Connect with AWS ECR

Click on AWS Elastic Container Registry, fill the asked details and save. Amazon ECR requires access tokens to access the images and those access tokens expire after a time.Therefore, Razorops will refresh access tokens on a regular interval.

AWS Access Key: Your AWS access key
AWS Secret Key: Your AWS Secret Key
AWS Region for Registry: Region name