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Create your first pipeline

If you have signup on Dashboard successfully, next task is to create pipeline.

Repositories List

When authenticated with Github.

On Dashboard landing page, click on Create and select github. A list of all your owned organizations (for which you have granted permission during signup) will appear as shown below:

Github Organization list

Installation of Razorops App is required to list down the repositories for respective organization. Once App is installed, you will be able to create pipeline.

Once App is installed, your repositries will be listed as shown below:


Green check circle on Organization under Github Organizations indicates Razorops App is installed properly.

Having a warning cross circle on Organization indicates Razorops App was installed and is not working properly. There could be many reasons for this.

When authenticated with Bitbucket

On Dashboard landing page, click on Create. Select bitbucket. All your owned Workspaces will be listed with their respective repositories as shown below:


When authenticated with Gitlab

On Dashboard landing page, click on Create. Select Gitlab. All your owned Groups will be listed with their respective respositories similar to Bitbucket list shown above.

Selecting a Repository

Now repositories are listed, select one repository and click confirm.

Run your first build.

Once you confirm on repository, you will be provided a list of .razorops.yaml templates. You can pick the right template for your project based on tech-stack of your project.

Tech Stack

After picking the right template, click Run your first Build. It will start your build and you will be redirected to workflows page to show the progress of your build.

Build Progress

Configure your pipeline

To make your pipeline work without any manual intervention, you must add .razorops.yaml file in your root directory of your repository.

You can checkout .razorops.yaml samples from Language and Framework. Select the right tech stack for your project and follow the instructions.

For writing more detailed .razorops.yaml for your project, take help YAML Specifications.