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Support for Languages & Frameworks

Razorops is language agnostic platform and supports almost all major programming languages alongwith docker. You can checkout guides for Ruby, Python, Go, Java, Node, PHP and Docker.

You can customize the build enviroment as per your needs with right tools and versions pinned down. Refer to Custom Build environment for more information.

Example pipelines

Razorops provides tutorials and open source repositories that show you practical examples of CI/CD pipelines. You can read and use them to learn what's possible and jump-start your own projects.

Language/Tutorial Overview/Framework/ Github repository
Rust calculator CLI rust-demo
Clojure REST API using Luminus framework clojure-guestbook-demo
Scala REST API scala-play-api-demo
Ruby Rest API for TodoBackend ruby-docker-compose-demo
Python REST API in Flask framework python-flask-demo
NodeJS REST API in Express framework nodejs-demo
Java Maven based App java-demo