Razorops build environment variables are accessible during your build. This allows you to change behaviour during pipeline execution. You can create your own build environment variables via the following channels:

  • In the .razorops.yaml file. Variables values are set in .razorops.yaml file will override values in the UI.

  • In you dashboard under Pipelines > Edit > Environment variables

In addition to the variables you choose to define, Razorops has a number of pre-defined variables built in. Note that the variables listed are automatically set for your builds, and their values are not changeable.

This is the reference list of all environment variables available to your build environment. These are injected into your build containers, at runtime.

NAME Description
CI=true CI mode is turned on
CI_REPO GIT repository full name
CI_REPO_OWNER Repository owner
CI_REPO_NAME Repository name
CI_REPO_BRANCH Repository branch
CI_COMMIT_SHA Repository commit SHA
CI_COMMIT_REF Repository commit ref
CI_WORKFLOW_NUMBER workflow number
CI_JOB_NUMBER task number
CI_TAG commit tag